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If you’re like most people, there’s probably at least one (or maybe even a few) thing that you don’t like about how your smile looks. Even the healthiest teeth are not always “red carpet ready,” but that doesn’t mean they have to stay that way! Whether you’re looking for whiter, straighter, or overall, more beautiful teeth, our experienced cosmetic dentist in Denton at Prime Dentistry is ready to help you using the proven treatments listed below. From minor touch-ups to complete transformations and everything in between, we know you’ll love what we can do for your smile, so call us today.

Why Choose Prime Dentistry for Cosmetic Dentistry?

  • 3D Printer That Creates Natural-Looking Restorations
  • In-Office & Take-Home Teeth Whitening Available
  • Flexible Financing Through CareCredit

Veneers & Lumineers

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Dental veneers are thin ceramic shells that are designed to resemble flawless white tooth enamel, and they are fitted directly over the teeth to fix/mask a wide variety of aesthetic imperfections at the same time, including:

  • Stained teeth that don’t respond to bleaching
  • Cracks
  • Chips
  • Gaps
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Undersized teeth
  • Slightly crooked teeth

In just two appointments, our team can custom-design one or more veneers to give you your picture-perfect smile. They are always made to a patient’s specifications, meaning the only limit is your imagination.

There is also the option to choose Lumineers, which are less invasive but also, not permanent. Thinner than traditional veneers, these restorations require no tooth preparation and can be easily removed later on should you change your mind.

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Metal-Free Dental Restorations

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When a patient comes to us with a damaged front tooth, we won’t simply use an average dental crown to fix it. These prominent teeth require extra-special care, so they are both functional and beautiful, and to achieve this, we use metal-free restorations. Made of 100% dental ceramic, these crowns and bridges are strong, durable, and can be specially shaded to match any patient’s enamel color, making a dental problem practically disappear behind a gorgeous smile.

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Invisalign Clear Aligners

Smiling person holding an Invisalign clear aligner

If you’ve always wanted to straighten your teeth, but have avoided doing so because you didn’t want to get bulky metal braces, Invisalign is exactly what you’ve been waiting for! This sleek and discreet treatment uses a series of clear plastic aligners to shift crooked and crowded teeth while not affecting a person’s daily appearance. Plus, the aligners are easily removable, meaning a person can maintain their regular diet and brush their teeth like normal while getting a beautifully straight smile.

Learn More About Invisalign Clear Aligners

Teeth Whitening

Woman getting her teeth professionally whitened in dental office

Have your teeth become noticeably stained or discolored over the years due to coffee, wine, tobacco, or natural aging? If so, you’re far from alone, and we’re ready to help you turn back the clock with our Zoom and KoR professional-strength teeth whitening options. With either a fast in-office treatment or a custom-made kit you can use at home, we can easily make your teeth 6-8 shades whiter without causing them to become more sensitive (unlike any treatment you can buy at the store).

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Smile Makeovers

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Smile makeovers are unique services that do more than just conceal flaws or brighten smiles. When a patient arrives with multiple tooth imperfections, we can recommend a smile makeover to transform their aesthetics. Combining two, three, or even four cosmetic dentistry services into one treatment plan, Dr. Ahir can streamline the process to create a beautiful, confident smile that captures the positive attention of others.

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