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Revamp Your Smile with Teeth Whitening

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You don't have to be embarrassed by brown or yellow teeth. Dr. Ahir can revamp your pearly whites using an effective whitening system. Surface and age-related discoloration can be improved significantly using an in-office or at-home solution. You'll enjoy noticeable results that last.

Why Choose Prime Dentistry for Teeth Whitening?

  • Personalized Treatment Plans
  • In-Office and At-Home Solutions
  • Noticeable, Lasting Results

Who is a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

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If you're suffering from stains and discoloration caused by poor oral hygiene, genetics, smoking, age, or drinking a lot of coffee, you may be a candidate for teeth whitening. You'll require an initial consultation to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy, which is a requirement for any elective service.

Don't worry if you need a little prep work, like a dental cleaning or filling. Your cosmetic dentist will also determine the source of your discoloration to ensure a whitening treatment will be effective.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

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You have multiple options to treat discolored teeth, including:

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Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Your teeth can get up to 8 shades whiter during your lunch break. A protective barrier is placed on your gums and lips before applying a whitening gel to your teeth. A special dental light is used for three 15-minute sessions to dissolve stains.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

You can enjoy the convenience of OTC products and achieve in-office results from your home. We will give you professional-grade whitening gel and trays to use daily for 2 weeks.

Tips for Maintaining Your Brighter Smile

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Your results can last for many months or years with the right aftercare. You can get the most from your investment by following a few tips:

  • Brush and Floss: Brush your teeth after every meal using a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Clean all surfaces of your teeth for 2 minutes. Floss at least once a day.
  • Limit Dark Foods and Drinks: Moderate your consumption of dark foods and drinks. Drink coffee and other dark beverages all at once using a straw to limit contact with your teeth. Rinse your mouth with water after you finish.
  • Don't Smoke: Don't use tobacco to prevent tar and nicotine stains.
  • Visit Your Dentist: Schedule a cleaning and checkup every 6 months to keep your mouth healthy. We can also provide you with a touchup kit to maintain your results.

You can invest in a youthful, confident smile you'll be proud of. Request an appointment online or call (940) 220-4907 to see if teeth whitening is right for you.

Understanding the Cost of Teeth Whitening 

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If you’ve ever looked into the cost of cosmetic dentistry in general, you’ve probably encountered the fact that it’s almost never covered by insurance. Teeth whitening is no exception to this rule. This might make you a little bit concerned about paying for the treatment, but don’t be—we’ll be happy to talk to you all about how you can make the care affordable when we meet you at your consultation. Until then, here’s some information that could help you budget for teeth whitening effectively.

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Factors that Affect the Cost of Teeth Whitening

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A round of teeth whitening is usually offered at one set price, but there are several factors that may affect how many rounds of treatment you’re going to actually need. The first is the severity of your stains—while most discoloration can be dealt with after one round of whitening, brown or gray teeth may need more. This can be complicated by the fact some discoloration comes not from stains, but from changes to the intrinsic color of the tooth. This so-called “intrinsic” is trickier to deal with.

Finally, you should consider whether there are any preliminary procedures that you’ll need before getting having your teeth whitened, like a filling or a crown.

Types of Teeth Whitening: What Do They Cost? 

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There are several different kinds of teeth whitening, both professional and over-the-counter, and each of them incur their own cost.

On the professional side there’s in-office whitening, which usually costs $400-800, and take-home whitening, which costs only a few hundred. Both of these styles of treatment will be personalized to fit you and can therefore guarantee excellent results.

On the other hand there are over-the-counter whitening solutions. These are not personalized and are therefore considerably cheaper. Store-bought whitening trays are usually around $100, and a box of whitening strips will typically set you back around $20-40.

Fast Teeth Whitening VS Inexpensive Teeth Whitening 

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While store-bought whitening is doubtlessly cheaper, their drawbacks are many. These treatments will not be personalized to you, which means that it can sometimes be difficult to count on the results you’ll get. The whitening solution could be too strong or too weak, the former causing sensitive teeth and the latter doing very little at all. There’s also the risk that you have a cavity or area of decay that you aren’t aware of. This could allow the whitening solution to enter the interior of the tooth, causing substantial discomfort.

When you get your whitening treatment from a professional, you’ll be able to count on the results you get. We’ll also be able to examine your teeth for any areas of decay, meaning that we can guarantee your safety and comfort as well.

Options For Making Teeth Whitening Affordable

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While it’s true that teeth whitening is unlikely to be covered by your insurance, there may still be some options available that can make the treatment more affordable.

For one, our in-house savings plan gives you access to a 15% discount on many of our procedures, in addition to a host of preventive services, for a flat annual fee. This can be enormously helpful if you’re in need of restorative care like fillings before having your teeth whitened.

We also accept financing from a variety of institutions, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities to split up the cost of your care into monthly payments with low-to-no interest.

If you want to learn more about any of these options, or anything else about teeth whitening, give us a call and schedule a consultation today!

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Teeth whitening doesn't have to be painful! Professional treatments are custom-made, reducing the likelihood of sensitivity. If you're prone to sensitivity, be sure to let Dr. Ahir know beforehand. He can adjust the procedure to minimize discomfort.

For example, spacing out treatments allows your teeth to adjust gradually, lessening the chance of sensitivity. Additionally, using specialized toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth and avoiding hot beverages can further alleviate any potential discomfort. While some sensitivity may occur, it's usually manageable with these precautions in place.

How Can I Make My Teeth Whitening Results Last?

To make your teeth whitening results last, start with a solid at-home oral care routine. Brush twice daily, floss daily, and use mouthwash regularly. Regular dental checkups every six months help prevent stains and catch issues early. Avoiding dark foods and drinks, and using a straw for staining beverages, can also help maintain your white smile. Lastly, quitting poor habits like smoking further preserves your results. By prioritizing oral hygiene, attending checkups, and making smart choices, you can enjoy your bright smile for years to come!

Does Teeth Whitening Damage Enamel?

Not at all! While professional teeth whitening gel does not harm healthy enamel, it can cause issues if your teeth have decay or gum disease. It's incredibly important to have a dental checkup beforehand to ensure you’re free of underlying oral health issues.

You should avoid at-home remedies like activated charcoal and hydrogen peroxide, which can damage enamel. Overusing whitening products can also wear down enamel. Make sure you consult with Dr. Ahir for safe whitening. Even if you don't choose professional treatment, he can guide you on safe products and habits to achieve your desired smile without harming your pearly whites.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Yes, teeth whitening is safe when done with FDA and ADA-approved products, particularly professional treatments administered by licensed professionals. These treatments utilize custom trays to prevent the solution from reaching gums or being ingested accidentally. The percentage of the whitening solution is adjusted for safe use, ensuring you achieve the desired results without risking harm to your teeth or gums. However, using non-approved products can pose risks, so it's essential to stick to reputable and regulated options for a safe whitening experience.

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